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The Air Tempo mini split ductless air conditioners have been present on the North American market since 1999. Air Tempo mini split wall mounted air conditioners are known for their reliability, very low noise level, top of the line inverter technology, heat-pump function and sleek sophisticated design. Furthermore, Air Tempo is one of the most affordable mini split wall mounted AC brands on the market offering such advanced technology. Air Tempo mini split ductless AC systems are ideal for any new construction or renovation projects. The controls are as intuitive as possible to insure user friendliness.

The Air Tempo mini-split wall mounted AC systems are available in four different models to satisfy all customers’ needs: 9000BTU, 12000BTU, 18000BTU, 24000BTU. All our mini split AC have the heat pump function as well; this will result in great energy savings, eco-friendliness and more money in your pocket! The smallest air conditioner wall units (9000BTU and 12000BTU) are also available with a 115 Volt connexion.

The technicians all agree that the Air Tempo mini splits are amongst the most reliable and maintenance free mini splits on the market. We are also very confident that the quality of our after sales service allows us to rise above the competition in the air conditioner mini-split market. After sales support is a story of passion for all the Air Tempo staff.

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